Grow Native! Sponsors National Prairie Day

Grow Native LogoGrow Native!, a non-profit organization managed by the Missouri Prairie Foundation, is now an official sponsor of National Prairie Day.

Grow Native! promotes the use of native plants in urban and rural settings throughout Missouri and the Midwest region.

Grow Native! will promote National Prairie Day through its component nursery members, many events throughout the Midwest, and in literature it publishes, including its annual resource guide.

Missouri Prairie Foundation Sponsors National Prairie Day

Missouri Prairie Foundation LogoThe Missouri Prairie Foundation (MPF), a private, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) prairie conservation organization governed by a volunteer board of directors, has become an official sponsor of National Prairie Day.

MPF will promote National Prairie Day by organizing the press releases, activities, outreach, and education events throughout the nation. The organization’s annual bioblitz coincides with National Prairie Day.

MPF is also the founder and leader in promoting National Prairie Day.